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The Resource Planning Portal is a web-based tool that allows users to:

  1. Input electric utility planning information in a consistent format
  2. Benchmark planning assumptions across jurisdictions
  3. Output results in a standardized format for deeper analysis.

Standardized Data Entry

The Resource Planning Portal standardizes the collection of long-term planning information including the following assumptions:
  • Existing electricity generation and contracts;
  • Planned electricity generation and retirements;
  • Load forecasts with and without the effects of Demand-side Management (DSM) activities;
  • Fuel prices;
  • Greenhouse gas emission cost adders and other environmental assumptions; and
  • Information about other planned electricity and energy-related infrastructure.

Compare Long-term Electric Utility Planning Assumptions

The Resource Planning Portal gives users instant access to long-term planning information for dozens of load serving entities (LSEs) across the Western Electricity Coordinating Council’s territory. Users have the ability to conduct queries of information contained in the resource planning database, compare planning assumptions across LSEs, and download results in a easily-accessible format.

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